Saturdays.AI - Madrid

There aren't many cities in the world that rival the unique scene of Madrid.

When: 14 Saturdays from February, 2020
Price: €450*

15% Discount Code: AI4LATE until january 22th
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*The entire course is in Spanish, except for the didactic resources.

Experience our AI community in Madrid

There aren't many cities in the world that rival the unique scene of Madrid. The history, culture & attractions, together with a booming startup ecosystem, have made the city rise to the top ranks of tech hubs in Europe.

AI Saturdays Madrid 3ª Edition*

Our study groups take place on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm so that all those passionate about AI have the opportunity to learn while building projects.
More about the program and curriculum

*It is necessary to have some knowledge of python.

Do you want to be part of our BCI team?

The BCI Saturdays.AI Team in collaboration with Bitbrain will develop technology using electroencephalography biosensing alongside machine learning algorithms to create neural-controlled devices.

You will have access to our platform

Once you start to be part of Saturdays.AI you will have access to our private platform in Eduflow where we digitalize all the contents and itineraries, taking the experience of AI Saturdays beyond the 3 months of the course.

Discover your python skill level in 10 min

Discover your data science skill level in just 10 minutes with this test. You will need an intermediate level to take advantage of the course. It isn’t like other tests: you’ll be asked to write actual code, and the difficulty of questions will automatically adjust based on your performance.

By signing up to Saturdays.AI you will have access to a "course" of +20h python oriented to ML.

Our local team

Our team is passionate about AI and Human progress, we firmly believe that combining communities with technology is the best way to catalyze change to make the world a better place

Our partners

Be global or local, we appreciate our partners support to help us empower everyone to learn AI.

  • Celera
  • aws
  • 4yfn
  • loom
  • bitbrain

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